John & Theresa Murphy Sculptors/Woodcarvers
John   and   Theresa   Murphy   opened   their   first   workshop   in Dublin   in   1976.   John   had   just   completed   a   three   year,   full time   course   at   Dun   Laoghaire   School   of Art   &   Design   where he specialised in sculpture. Theresa is self-taught. In   1985   they   moved   to   Kerry   and   continued   carving   from their workshop in Tralee. They    work    predominately    in    a    wide    range    of    native hardwoods;   lime,   oak,   beech,   sycamore,   elm,   walnut   &   yew.     These    are    sourced    from    locally    felled    trees    and    local sawmills. Imported   hardwoods   also   used   are;   ash,   oak   &   beech   from local timber importers and suppliers. John    and    Theresa's    work    is    mostly    figurative,    based    on human,   bird   and   wildlife   forms.   They   also   do   abstract   and stylised   pieces   along   with   decorative   carvings   for   furniture and   shop   fronts.      The   work   is   carved   and   finished   by   hand using   a   wide   range   of   carving   chisels,   rifflers   and   rasps.        Bandsaw,   router   and   carver's   chainsaw   discs   are   used   to remove any large areas of waste wood. Theresa    also    designs    and    makes    figurative    pieces    and masks in bronze. Their    work    has    been    shown    in    solo    exhibitions    and    in group shows locally, throughout Ireland, and in the U.K. Presentations   of   their   work   have   been   made   to   a   number   of groups   and   individuals   including   the   President   of   Ireland and Government ministers. Commissioned     work     includes     pieces     for     individuals, groups,   churches   and   local   authorities   in   Ireland   and   the UK. John   has   taught   art,   woodcarving   and   sculpture   at   second and   third   level   colleges   and   on   Adult   Education   courses   in Dublin    and    Kerry.    They    have    also    organised    and    run woodcarving    workshops    at    Arts    Festivals    in    Kerry    and supervised   the   public   participation   in   the   carving   of   an   2.5 metre   high   leaping   Salmon   and   an   Eagle   at   a   number   of these events John runs woodcarving courses in their workshop in Tralee Besides    being    woodcarvers,    John    and    Theresa    are    also accomplished   woodturners   and   are   very   involved   with   the local chapter of the Irish Woodturners' Guild.                         
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Clahane, Ballyard, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland